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Webinar | New research frontiers for sustainable finance

Explore highlights and results from the five years cross-disciplinary research program, Mistra Financial Systems. Speakers from academia, industry and policy will highlight frontline trends and point to the trajectory of future sustainable financial research.

New research frontiers for sustainable finance

The Mistra Financial Systems (MFS) cross-disciplinary international research program ran between 2016 – 2020 and investigated how financial markets and operators can contribute to society’s sustainable development. The central objective of the program was to identify the root causes of unsustainable market practices and to provide finance-based practical solutions to sustainability challenges.  

This morning webinar will introduce the MFS workstream themes of Green Macro, Policy, Market Drivers, Governance and Practical Tools, followed by a discussion with researchers on their research journey, results and thoughts on the future of sustainable finance: Where are we and what comes next? 

To root academic discussion in practice, researchers will be joined by the former Swedish Minister for Financial Markets, Peter Norman and Viveka Hirdman-Ryrberg, Head of Corporate Communication & Sustainability and member of the Executive Team at Investor AB.


  • Viveka Hirdman-Ryrberg, Misum Chair and Head of Corporate, Communication & Sustainability, Investor AB
  • Peter Norman, Chair of Mistra Financial Systems and former Swedish Minister for Financial Markets
  • Emma Sjöström, Co-Director of the Sustainable Finance Initiative at Misum and Research Fellow, Department of Marketing and Strategy at SSE
  • Andreas Hoepner, Professor, University College Dublin & European Union’s Technical Expert Group (TEG) on Sustainable Finance 
  • Anders Anderson, Director, Swedish House of Finance and Lecturer, Department of Finance, SSE
  • Gustav Martinsson, Associate Professor KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Visiting Research Fellow, Swedish House of Finance

Moderator: Denise Young, Founder and host, New Climate Capitalism podcast  

MFS ran between 2016 and 2020 and was administered by Misum, with Michael Halling as the MFS Program Director. The program was related to the Misum Sustainable Finance Initiative and collaborated with the EU Technical expert group on sustainable finance (TEG).

Image by Jarrett Tan on Unsplash. 


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