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International Workshop on Sustainable Consumption and Production

This workshop, organized by Misums Ranjula Bali Swain and Susanne Sweet, will take place in room Estrid, Stockholm School of Economics, Sveavägen 65. It is restricted to presenters and discussants.

Growing pressure on the environment through economic growth and increasing population and consumption creates long-term risks and vulnerabilities to the business, consumers/citizens and the society. The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement acknowledge the need for a transformative change in the individual actors, businesses, industries, communities and livelihoods across the local, regional and global economies to deliver positive economic, social and environmental progress. The workshop addresses critical global challenges by innovating and transforming product and services markets towards sustainable development. We explore how consumers, private sector, relevant international organizations and the governments can play an active role in innovating businesses to help companies, individuals (consumers and citizens), organizations and sectors, to remain competitive, while transitioning towards sustainable markets and economy.

The main objectives of the workshop is:

  • To provide a comprehensive overview of the sustainable consumption and production from a multi-disciplinary perspective of business studies, economics, sociology and political science.
  • To initiate conversations on the future of sustainable consumption and production
  • To provide a resource for scholars and instructors of sustainable development and sustainable consumption and production.