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The psychological reason we are hoarding toilet paper

Are you hoarding toilet paper or stockpiling paracetamol to last you through the corona crisis? You’re not alone. Professor Richard Wahlund explains the psychology behind our need to stock up in times of crisis.

In stores and pharmacies across Sweden, there are gaping holes where there should be toilet paper, pasta and paracetamol. Customers report having to go from store to store in search of a single roll. The rise in cases of COVID-19, especially in the large cities, has customers scrambling to stock up on essentials – despite reports from producers that there is no shortage of any of them. So why are we acting as if there was?

Read the full interview with Professor Richard Wahlund, whose research focuses on consumer behavior and economic psychology: https://www.hhs.se/en/about-us/news/2020/why-are-we-stockpiling-toilet-paper/

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