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Zika, Algorithms, and Expertise: The Contested Role of Judgment in Disease Surveillance

Score Open Seminar on Thursday November 30: Francis Lee, Researcher at Department of History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University. Welcome!

Thursday November 30 at 10.00 - 11.30
Score, Frescativägen 14 A, Stockholm University

This paper explores the relation between automation through computer algorithms and human judgment in disease surveillance. More specifically it inquires into the production of the “current zika state” at the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The paper describes how algorithms lead to a intermingling of algorithmic data processing and human judgment—giving rise to new demands on the organization of disease expertise. By doing this, the paper shows how the introduction of automated computer algorithms in disease surveillance leads to a renegotiation of the role of the expert.

Learn more about Francis Lee: http://katalog.uu.se/empinfo?id=N15-2294

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