Welcome to a seminar where some of the authors present and discuss the contents of the book!

Christina Garsten, Professor of Social Anthropology, Score
Adrienne Sörbom, Associate Professor of Sociology, Score
Anna Tyllström, PhD in Business Studies, Institute for Futures Studies
Stefan Svallfors, Professor in Sociology, Institute for Futures Studies
Liv Fries, PhD Management, Senior Advisor at Decigo

When: Friday December 15th, at 16.00 –18.00 including a short mingle
Where: Institute for Futures Studies, Holländargatan 13 in Stockholm

Please register to make sure there is room for you!

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Learn more about the book: http://www.score.su.se/publikationer/nya-b%C3%B6cker-fr%C3%A5n-score/power-policy-and-profit-1.349317