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Seminarium vid Score

Torsdag den 27 oktober kl. 10.00-11.30 gästas Score av John Murray, fil. dr och gästforskare vid företagsekonomiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet. Välkommen!


Received wisdom is that the influence of lobbyists bends public policy towards the service of corporate interests. For corporations, engaging in political activity such as lobbying is justified through calculations of cost and benefit: corporate political activity has economic legitimacy. Do the political actions of corporations have political legitimacy?

Questions about firm engagement in political activity have treated economic and political legitimacy in isolation. Firms are understood to engage in political activity as economic actors in pursuit of their self-interest in competition with civil society actors, or alternatively, to engage in political activity as political actors in pursuit of the common good by reaching consensus with civil society actors. Unfortunately, explanations of corporate political activity which treat firms as either economic or political actors do not resolve the issue of whether their actions have political legitimacy.

This presentation will be addressed to the relationship between these two understandings. The argument is that these alternatives can be properly assessed in the context of the public sphere. The findings demonstrate the need to develop our understanding of economic and political legitimacy as mutually reinforcing enablers of corporate political activity in the public sphere.

About John Murray
John Murray is a postdoctoral research fellow in Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University. His research interests include corporate political activity, with a particular focus on the democratic implications of communications such as lobbying and advocacy, as well as the way communication infrastructures are changing in ways which facilitate lobbying and advocacy.

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