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Open seminar at Score with Afshin Mehrpouya, HEC Paris

June 11, 10.00 - 11.30, Open seminar at Score, Score’s seminar room, Kräftriket, Building 7A. Afshin Mehrpouya, assistant professor at HEC Paris: “Seeing Like the Markets: An analysis of the changing role of “transparency” in global market governance”

Afshin Mehrpouya

Seeing Like the Markets: An analysis of the changing role of “transparency” in global market governance

Over the past 30 years transparency has emerged as a powerful world society norm at the centre of contemporary regimes of market governance. Mobilizing the literatures in global governance and governmentality, we trace the historical emergence of the term transparency in global market governance and the changing and contested nature of meanings, programs and technologies associated with it.

Starting with the league of nations, we show how in different contexts, transparency has been associated and intertwined with contrasting notions and programs – competition, democracy, accountability, development, stability, market discipline, moral persuasion or investor confidence. In this analysis we pay close attention to how transparency and rising technologies of global governance such as financial accounting and audit standards have progressively come to mutually constitute each other.

Afshin Mehrpouya is an assistant professor of accounting and management control at HEC Paris and studies transnational governance and accountability regimes.

The seminar is a collaboration between the Department of Social Anthropology and Score.

Thursday June 11, 10.00 am - 11.30 am, Score, Kräftriket 7A

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