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Dissertation defense by Nadav Shir, Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation

Thesis Defense on Entrepreneurial Well-Being, Monday 7 September in room Torsten, Sveavägen 65, Floor 3

Nadav Shir: from Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation and DMO will defend a Ph.D dissertation entitled: “Entrepreneurial Well-Being: The Payoff Structure of Business Creation” 

We will meet on Monday, 7th of September, at 1.15 pm in room Torsten, Sveavägen 65, Floor 3.  Please e-mail nadav.shir@hhs.se if you have any questions.  

Abstract: Entrepreneurship is a self-organized and goal-directed process of venture creation. Planning, starting, and running a business requires a lot from any entrepreneur. But entrepreneurship also offers unique opportunities for individuals to grow and develop, and to attain a meaningful and flourishing human condition. This thesis aims to provide an elaborative examination of the intimate relationship between entrepreneurship and well-being, understood colloquially as the presence of mental health.  Utilizing a unique and representative sample of the adult Swedish population (GEM Sweden 2011: n=3101), I have asked whether entrepreneurship is worth pursuing in terms of well-being, and if so, what the mechanisms involved are and how they function. In other words, I have not only sought to establish a certain relationship between entrepreneurship and well-being, but also to investigate the ways through which entrepreneurship promotes well-being, as well as the mechanisms through which well-being evolves along and impact the process of venture creation. To that end, a solid framework for understanding and measuring well-being in entrepreneurship has been offered, in the hope that it will foster a more integrated approach to assessing and optimizing entrepreneurial performance, in terms of both business outcomes and mental health outcomes.


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