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CASL 20 Years Anniversary Celebrations

Join us to celebrate, discuss and share!

Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership

at Stockholm School of Economics

celebrate 20 years

Join us to celebrate, discuss and share!

November 16th and 17th

Twenty years ago, the Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership, was founded to further promote a research environment in which ideas of leadership can be exchanged, developed and challenged.

To celebrate the exciting projects and other activities we have been involved in with research colleagues and practicing managers and leaders, we will invite you to a two-day seminar on contemporary and future challenges of leadership.

Preliminary program:    

November 16 at 9-12

Dealing with contemporary challenges in the welfare sector – the bridging of ’organizational gaps’

 (In collaboration with the Leading Health Care Foundation).

The need for coordination at various levels in the welfare sector spheres - health care, education and social services - is significant. One basic problem is about balancing different logics and different sets of priorities i.e. political, strategic, and operational. In this session researchers and practitioners will reflect on leadership and leadership practice as a workable approach for bridging ‘organizational gaps’. 

Moderators: Associate Professor Mats Tyrstrup, SSE and General Secretary Hans Winberg, LHC


November 16 at 14-17

Sustainable business – the role of leaders and leadership?

This will be a session with a panel of researchers, corporate leaders and policymakers reflecting on the role of leaders and leadership in a stakeholder society where the quest for responsible behavior and sustainable business is intensifying.   

In the wake of business scandals, in Sweden and elsewhere, top managements ‘readiness' and ’willingness’ to embrace corporate social responsibility has been severely questioned. The seminar will address questions such as: what does it take to make responsibility a core value, and sustainability a competitive advantage and what can be learned from others. 

Confirmed Participants: Marie Ehrling, Chairman, Telia Company, Markus Kallifatides, Associate Professor, Stockholm School of Economics, Mette Morsing, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Thomas Caspar Callerström, COO, EQT.

Moderators: Professor Ingalill Holmberg, SSE and Assistant Professor Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg, SSE  


November 17 at 9-12 

Leadership and Inclusion: what are tomorrow’s challenges? 

The workshop invites practitioners to share the current inclusion challenges they face in their organization. A few challenges will then be selected and discussed in groups. The aim of this workshop is to collectively reflect on how inclusion is done and can be done in multiple ways in organizations. The workshop welcomes researchers.

Moderators: Associate Professor Laurence Romani, SSE and Associate Professor Charlotte Holgersson, KTH


November 17 at 14-17

Looking forward by looking back -  Revisiting the IT-hype and the (early) shaping of network society

In this session a panel of researchers and practitioners will reflect upon societal changes and major business challenges throughout the last two decades and their implications for today´s leadership.

In early 2000, CASL researchers launched the collaborative research program,” The network society from within, inspired by Manuel Castells work on the rising network society, and the IT hype in Sweden and elsewhere. Teaming with research scholars from Stanford University, University of Tel Aviv, Gothenburg Research Institute and Royal Institute of Technology, questions about organizing, recruitment, work practices and leadership where addressed. Scrutinizing the key-challenges, in retrospect, what did we learn and what are at stakes for today´s leaders.

Participants: Daniel Hjort, Professor Copenhagen Business School, Lars Strannegård, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics + 2-3 entrepreneurial leaders.  

Moderator: Professor Ingalill Holmberg, SSE

We warmly welcome academics, professionals and friends to participate in these activities during the two days! 

Stay tuned, a invitation to seminars and mingle will come soon!

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