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Twenty years ago, the Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership, was founded to further promote a research environment in which ideas on leadership can be exchanged, developed and challenged. We embraced our mission and embarked on the journey of continuous dialogue and knowledge development within the field of leadership with enthusiasm, joy and determination. 

Two decades later, the field of leadership probably contains more questions than answers, which has to do with two simple facts; firstly, the globalization and the ongoing digitalization have completely changed the business climate and the business landscape, and secondly interesting research has a tendency to produce new and even more compelling research questions. Since there is no general and universal model of leadership, external and internal pressure continuously translates into new challenges and new dilemmas that have to be considered and sometimes also enacted upon. It certainly could be argued that leadership ideals as well as leadership practices are in constant flux. So where does this leave us? What are the most burning leadership issues of today?

Obviously, there is no clear-cut answer to that question. However, let me suggest some major challenges that seemingly occupy many people; practitioners, politicians, policy makers, journalist, educators, students and academic scholars alike: the increasingly intense quest for sustainable business and responsible leadership, the fierce competition that comes with digitalization, making diversity work through inclusive organizational and leadership practices, cross-border collaboration and bridging between stakeholders with diverse goals and diverse interests.

Quite overwhelming, I would say. But still, these are the issues that most managers are facing in their everyday work. Do you want to learn more about the state-of the art among leaders and leadership scholars?

Welcome the 20th anniversary of Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership, November 16th and 17th of November.

Acknowledging that my take on the question of what constitutes the most challenging issues for future leaders probably comes with a bias, I hope that you find the themes intriguing enough to spend a couple of hours or maybe even a full day listening to and interacting with leading scholars and path-breaking practitioners on these very topics.

Ingalill Holmberg, professor SSE and Director Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership

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