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Leadership update archive

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12 October 2016
Twenty years ago, the Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership, was founded to further promote a research environment in which ideas on leadership can be exchanged, developed and challenged. We embraced our mission and embarked on the journey of continuous dialogue and knowledge development within the field of leadership with enthusiasm, joy and determination. 

Andragogy – whose responsibility?

25 June 2015
There is a need for a mind shift regarding the the power of andragogy and adult human potential to learn for life. This is essentail for any society who wants to stay competetiv in a global market. 

Leaders on and off the innovation track

05 May 2015
Our recent study on leadership in service firms  showed that executives’ engagement with innovation lapsed repeatedly. Despite innovation being part of corporate strategy, agreed by managers at all levels, there was no continuity since leaders were distracted from innovation by other tasks. 

A neuroscientific perspective on motivating others

23 March 2015
Understanding leadership and leadership skills from a brain-based perspective has become popular in the last couple of years. A recognized actor in this field is the NeuroLeadership Institute, director Dr David Rock. According to its website, the Institute provides brain-based, process-focused, and outcome-driven methodologies and frameworks that help individuals and organizations facilitate positive change and lead more effectively. This is an example of ‘applied neuroscience’.

Att göra kopplingar– hur medarbetares motivation hänger ihop med kundnyttan

16 March 2015
Mer motiverade medarbetare ger mer motiverade kunder. Och det finns en stark korrelation mellan motivation och kreativitet. Mer motiverade, och därmed kreativa kunder innebär i sin tur kunder som är mer benägna att anamma innovationer. Hur kan vi då påverka andra och oss själva till att tänka och handla mer kreativt och innovativt? 

How managers can make or break successful Talent Management initiatives

18 December 2014
Talent Management is on top of the HR agenda all over the world, but little is known about its effects on individual employees. One thing is for sure, however: Managers play a crucial part in making Talent Management initiatives succeed. 

Seminar summary: “Building sustainable organizations – The role of diversity in sustainable decision–making”

21 November 2014
How can diversity help build sustainable organizations? That was one question raised at a seminar arranged by Stockholm School of Economics in cooperation with PAUSE Foundation on November 11. The seminar triggered uneasy reflection and caused many of us to revisit our personal opinions.

Leadership Update Summary: Can liberal arts make better leaders for the future?

12 November 2014
Leadership Update got off to a strong start this morning with a seminar on the importance and impact of liberal arts in education in general and at SSE in particular. 

Food for thought

03 November 2014
Last week, professor of Strategic Management Brian Golden visited IFL and gave an interactive workshop on “Leading Multi-level Change that Sticks.” Organizational change and change management are always relevant, with constantly increasing complexity and pace in the world of business and organizations. Though many components in Professor Golden’s change model may have been familiar to participants, he used an innovative teaching aid. The audience watched selections from a BBC television production of a cooking show that generated many ideas and lessons.

Seminar: Will more liberal arts at business schools make better leaders in the future?

21 October 2014
 As the world becomes more global and complex, leaders are in need for efficient and effective tools and perspectives. Some argue that liberal arts offer such perspectives. What is that liberal art can bring to business schools and training of future leaders? What are the demands and requests in today's search for leaders?
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