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HRM in knowledge intensive firms

a critical study of HR practices and knowledge work

Professor Andreas Werr and Assistant Professor Annika Schilling

Knowledge work and knowledge intensive firms put high and new demands on managing the human resources − employees and their competence as the key resource of the organization. In this research project we are interested in how Professional Service Firms (PSFs), as one specific type of knowledge intensive firm, work with their HR activities such as recruitment, assessment, competence development, compensation and career planning and how these activities form the work practices and organization of the firm. We are also interested in the consequences different ways of working with HR have on who will be recruited, how the employees are shaped through their membership in an organization in terms of self image and expression, and on diversity and gender structures in these types of firms.

Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Stiftelse, Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse

Leadership and human resources, Professional service firms

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