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Morillas, Miguel

I am a PhD candidate in Business Administration and appointed at the Center for Responsible Leadership (CRL). 

My research focus is on: a) the structural barriers faced by highly skilled migrants amidst organizational efforts to include, and b) managers ability to construct inclusive narratives for an increasingly diverse workforce. 

In my dissertation, I conducted a 18-month ethnography to study the forms of domination that emerge in an inclusive organization. Using a labor inclusion program targeting highly skilled migrants, I investigated how migrants and managers actively negotiate the terms of inclusion. My findings propose to see organizational inclusion as a negotiation of conditions. 

Recently, I held a visiting researcher position at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). I hold an MPhil in public policy (Central European University, Budapest), MA in political science, and a BA in sociology. I have a dual Peruvian and Spanish citizenship. 

Recent publications:

Morillas, M. & Romani, L. (2022). Ideology, doxa, and critical reflexive learning: the possibilities and limits of thinking that ‘diversity is good'. Management Learning. https://doi.org/10.1177/13505076221074632

 Hunger, E., Morillas, M. Romani, L. & Mohsen, M. (2020). Unequal integration: Skilled migrants’ conditional inclusion along the lines of Swedishness, class and ethnicity, in J. Mahadevan, H. Primecz & L. Romani, Cases in Critical Cross-Cultural Management: An Intersectional Approach to Culture, Routledge. 

Morillas, M. & Romani, L. (2019). Struggling for recognition: Highly-skilled migrants’ cultural capital in the inclusive organization (In preparation ). Published online in Academy of Management Proceedings