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Faculty listed by title and research interests.


Becker, Bo    
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Distress

Dahlquist, Magnus     
Asset Pricing, International Finance

Giannetti, Mariassunta     
Corporate Finance, International Finance, Financial Intermediation

Ljungqvist, Alexander
Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation

Sodini, Paolo     
Asset Pricing, Household Finance

Strömberg, Per     
Bankruptcy, Private Equity Finance

Associate Professors    

Baghai, Ramin P     
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Law and Economics

Halling, Michael
Empirical Asset Pricing, Trading, Empirical Corporate Finance

Han, Jungsuk     
Asset Pricing, Financial Stability, Incomplete Markets

Metzger, Daniel     
Empirical Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance

Opp, Marcus
Corporate Finance Theory, Financial Contracting, Financial Intermediation

Assistant Professors

D'Avernas, Adrien     
Asset Pricing, Macrofinance

Maurin, Vincent
Information Economics, Financial Intermediation, Financial Contracting

Obizhaeva, Olga
Empirical Asset Pricing, Asset Management, Market Microstructure

Sabbatucci, Riccardo
Empirical Asset Pricing, Forecasting, Investments

Saidi, Farzad
Corporate Finance, Banking and Financial Intermediation

Starmans, Jan
Contract Theory, Corporate Finance, Search, Labor Economics

Yan, Dong     
Corporate Finance, M&A, Real Effects of Financial Markets

Zviadadze, Irina     
Asset Pricing, International Finance, Financial Econometrics

Affiliated Faculty  

Anderson, Anders     

Bergström, Clas
Professor Emeritus

Björk, Tomas     
Professor Emeritus

Englund, Peter     
Professor Emeritus

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