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• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Strategic and operative synergies (economies of scale and scope)
• Platform development and platform strategy
• Industrial networks
• Technology strategy
• Effectivisation of resources in OEM-companies


Journal articles, books and investigations: 
• Sköld, Martin. 2007. Synergirealisering: Realisering av produktsynergier efter företagssammanslagningar. Stockholm: EFI. 

• Sköld, Martin. 2008a. Från slutprodukttillverkare till leverantör: Effekter av förändrade positioner i industriella nätverk. Stockholm: FOI. 

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• Karlsson, Christer, & Sköld, Martin. 2007b. The Manufacturing Extraprise: an emerging production network paradigm. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 18(8): 912-932. 

Conference proceedings: 
• Sköld, Martin, & Karlsson, Christer. 2009. Types and characteristics of generically different product platform strategies. Paper presented at the 16th International Product Development Management Conference, Twente, Netherlands. 

• Freij, Åke, & Sköld, Martin. 2009. Mapping the winds of creative destruction in the Nordic financial service industry. Paper presented at the 16th International Product Development Management Conference, Twente, Netherlands. 

• Sköld, Martin, & Karlsson, Christer. 2008. Technology transfer in networked companies. Paper presented at the 15th International Product Development Management Conference, Hamburg, Germany. 

• Sköld, Martin. 2008c. Knowledge development patterns in radically new architectural innovation. Paper presented at the 9th International CINet Conference, Valencia, Spain. 

• Sköld, Martin, & Karlsson, Christer. 2007b. Patterns of Knowledge Development in Architectural Innovation. Paper presented at the 14th International Product Development Management Conference, Porto, Portugal. 

• Sköld, Martin, & Karlsson, Christer. 2006. Handling commonalization and differentiation in multi-branded platform development. Paper presented at the 13th International Product Development Management Conference, Milan, Italy. 

• Karlsson, Christer, & Sköld, Martin. 2005. Balancing demands on "Multi-branded" product platforms. Paper presented at the 12th International Product Development Management Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Popular science magazines: 
• Sköld, Martin. 2009a. Bakåt i värdekedjan? Management of Technology, 3: 3-4. 

• Sköld, Martin. 2009b. Öka din marknadsandel med rätt strategi. Motorbranschen, 11: 26-28. 

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• Sköld, Martin. 2007. Realisering av produktsynergier, en utmaning för företaget i sin helhet. Management of Technology 5: 6-7.

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