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Thomas, Lina

Lina Thomas is a Doctoral Researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics and has been a Fellow in the Department of Economics at Harvard University since 2021. 

She teaches in the American Economic Policy course at Harvard University, led by Professors Jeffrey Liebman and Lawrence H. Summers. Previously, she has taught macroeconomics at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Stockholm School of Economics.

Lina's research primarily focuses on international macroeconomics and behavioral finance. She has co-authored research on the roots and risks of dollarization, global economic shock spillovers, and patterns in investor behavior. Additionally, Lina has contributed to policy discussions at the Swedish Central Bank on US monetary policy spillovers to Sweden, and has been featured in international media outlets like the Financial Times

Lina's expertise includes: 

  • Exchange Rate Dynamics
  • Commodities (oil, gas, metals) 
  • Investor Behavior 
  • Decarbonization and The Green Transition

Lina is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics and will defend her Ph.D. thesis titled Global Financial Dynamics: Rates, Dollarization, and Investor Behavior this year. 

For more details and her full portfolio, visit her personal website.