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Mini Course: An OverView of Mechanism Design Theory

This mini course, taught by Professor Arunava Sen, will provide an overview of the theory of mechanism design.

Mini course taught by Professor Arunava Sen, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi

In this 3-hours mini-course, open to all who are interested, Professor Arunava Sen will provide an overview of the theory of mechanism design. The first half of the course will discuss complete information design, Maskin’s Theorem and more recent developments. The second half will deal with strategy-proofness covering topics such as such as single-peakedness, random mechanisms and quasi-linear models.

Time: May 8, 13:15-16:15.
Place: Lecture room 750, Stockholm School of Economics, Sveav. 65, Stockholm.


Tilman Borgers: “An Introduction to the theory of mechanism design” Oxford University Press.

Debasis Mishra, Lecture Notes: https://www.isid.ac.in/~dmishra/gmdoc/mdnotes.pdf

Arunava Sen, Lecture Notes: https://www.isid.ac.in/~asen/scdoc/lecarrow_2017.pdf

You are all most welcome!

Albin Erlanson

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