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Former PhD students

The research school has supported several PhD students on their way to a degree. The following FIRE students have defended their theses during the past years.

Doctoral theses

Afzali, Mansoor: "Essays on the Role of Social Networks and Social Capital in Accounting and Finance", Hanken Business School, 2020.

Aleksziev, Peter: "Essays on Segment Reporting and Valuation", Stockholm School of Economics, 2019.

Annelin, Alice: "Audit Teams and Audit Quality: A Sustainable Development Goal Perspective, Umeå University, 2019.

Cederberg, Emilia: "The Ins and Outs of ESG: A Study on the Spatialities of Accounting Change, Stockholm School of Economics, 2019.

Christner, Henning: "The Valuable Organisation: A study of how activities are calculated, controlled and made valuable", Stockholm School of Economics, 2015.

Dong, Ting: "Essays on the Supply and Demand for Auditing Service", Stockholm School of Economics, 2020.

Eriksson, Kim "Anordna styrning-tillblivelse av en mångfald styrteknologier", Stockholm University, 2021.

Gillqvist, Anna-Stina: "Conversations on accounting practices: a study of an enforcement body in a time of regulatory change", Stockholm School of Economics, 2016.

Hosseinniakani, Seyed Mahmoud: " Audit Regulation and Auditor Disclosures: Essays on the Consequences of ISA 701", Gothenburg University, 2020. '

Krauss, Kai: "Coping with Financial Stigma: A Study of Budgetary Identity Work in a Candidature for the Olympic Winter Games", Stockholm School of Economics, 2021.

Liu Tran, Patrik: "Role Duality of Management Accountants: Insights from a Public Sector Organisation",  Stockholm School of Economics, 2020.

Monroe, Joseph: "Finding Fertile Ground for Breakthrough Invention: The Role of Multilevel Knowledge Recombination in Green Energy Technology", Stockholm School of Economics, 2020.

Papadopoulos, Savvas: "Essays on Behavioral Determinants of Earnings Quality", Gothenburg University, 2019.

Sahamkhadam, Maziar: "Copula-based Portfolio Optimization", Linnaeus University, 2020.

Seger, Karin: "Institutional Logics and Accounting Professionals: The case of K2 and K3 ", Örebro University, 2018.

Sigonius, Tina: "Accounting Standard-Setting through Adaptation: Models and Contextual Factors in the Case of the Swedish Standard K3 ", Stockholm School of Economics, 2019.

Tylaite, Milda: "Essays on the Non-Financial Determinants of Corporate Tax Planning Outcomes", Stockholm School of Economics, 2018.

Åhblom, Per: "The Financial Performance: A study of how financial numbers become meaningful", Stockholm School of Economics, 2017.

Licentiate theses

Andersson Sols, Josefin: "Different Versions of Principles-based Accounting", Gothenburg University, 2019.

Karlberg, Gabriel: "Styrning av outsourcad offentlig service: En balansakt mellan fasthet och flexibilitet", Stockholm School of Economics, 2016.

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