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Lind, Johnny

Johnny Lind holds a PhD from Uppsala University (1996). He is most active in the area of studying accounting in inter-organizational relationships and networks, covering both private and public sector organizations. His current research interests also include the interplay between capital markets and management control, and accounting in the manufacturing sector. He is a member of several editorial boards, including that of Management Accounting Research.

Academic publications (selection)
Carlsson-Wall, M., Kraus, K. & Lind, J., 2011, The interdependencies of intra- and inter-organisational controls and work practices – the case of domestic care of the elderly, Management Accounting Research, 22, 313-329.

Håkansson, H., Kraus, K. & Lind, J. (Eds.), 2010, Accounting in Networks, London: Routledge. 

Kraus, K. & Lind, J., 2010, The impact of the corporate balanced scorecard on corporate control: a research note, Management Accounting Research, 21, 265-277.

Carlsson-Wall, M., Kraus, K. & Lind, J., 2009, Accounting and Distributed Product Development, IMP-Journal, 3, 2-27.

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Kraus, K. & Lind, J., 2007, Management Control in Inter-organisational relations, In: Hopper, T., Northcott, D. & Scapens, R. (eds.), Issues in Management Accounting, Harlow: Prentice Hall, 269-296.

Lind, J. & Strömsten, T., 2006, When do firms use different customer accounting?, Journal of Business Research, 59, 1257-1266.

Lind, J. & Thrane, S., 2005, “Network accounting”, In: Jönsson, S. & Mouritsen, J. (eds.), Accounting in Scandinavia – The Northern Lights, Malmö: CBS/Liber, 115-137.

Håkansson, H. & Lind, J., 2004, Accounting and network co-ordination, Accounting, Organization and Society, 29, 51-72.

Lind, J., 2001, Control in World Class Manufacturing – A longitudinal case study, Management Accounting Research, 12, 41-74.

Lind, J., 1996, Ekonomistyrning och verksamhet i utveckling - Ekonomiska rapporters utformning och användning när verksamheten flödesorienteras, Uppsala: Företagsekonomiska institutionen (Ph. D.-thesis ).

Other publications (selection)
Lind, J., 2012, Ekonomistyrning i nätverk, I: Nilsson, Erik & Skoog, Matti (red.) Perspektiv på ekonomistyrning – En fördjupning, Malmö: Liber,

Benson, I., Lind, J., Sjögren, E. & Wijkström, F. (red.), 2011, Morgondagens industri – Att sätta spelregler och flytta gränser, Stockholm: SIR/Studentlitteratur.

Lind, J., 2010, Vilka kunder är lönsamma?, I: Brunsson, N., Företagsekonomins frågor, Stockholm: SNS, 71-76.

Lind, J., 2010, Skrotad M-plan ställer nya krav på ledningen Agenda, 3, 29-30.

Kraus, K. & Lind, J., 2009, Professionalism kontra styrning i äldrevården, Kommunal ekonomi, 3, 28-30.

Kraus, K. & Lind, J., 2009, Liten strategisk nytta av balanserade styrkort, Agenda, 3, 26-28.

Lind, J., 2008, Ekonomistyrning i nätverk, I: Olve, N.-G. & Samuelson, L.A. (red), Controllerhandboken, 9 utg., Stockholm: Liber, 153-176.

Bengtsson, L., Berggren, C. & Lind, J. (red.), 2005, Alternativ till outsourcing, Malmö: Liber.

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