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Bachelor Courses

The Department of Accounting has successfully educated many generations of SSE students.

Starting from Fall 2020 we give two mandatory courses in Accounting and Financial Management at the bachelor program at SSE. The first course, given in the second period of the first semester is Accounting I. The second course, given in the first period of the third semester is Accounting II. Both courses are held in English and are worth 6 ECTS. More information about these courses will be published soon. 

Information about the transition to the new bachelors program for students admitted before Fall 2020: Due to the transition to the new bachelor program, course 330 ''Inledande redovisning'' was last given in Fall 2019. Course 331 ''Ekonomisk analys och styrning'' is given one more time in Spring 2020, while Course 332 ''Redovisning och finansiering'' will be given one more time in Fall 2020. Students who do not have a grade from these courses will be provided with additional examination opportunities. 

In the third year of the bachelor program, we offer a specialization in Accounting and Financial Management. Our specialization has, for many years, been the most popular specialization at SSE with more than half of all SSE students applying (as one of their two specializations).

During the fall semester of the specialization (5th semester of the Bachelor Program) we offer two courses, both held in English. In these two courses we build on the knowledge acquired during the first two years of study but go both deeper and wider.

The first course, “Financial Reporting and Financial Markets” (631 Financial Reporting and Financial Markets ), takes an external perspective of the firm. It covers more complex financial accounting issues and is designed to give students tools for performing financial analysis and corporate valuations on the basis of an informed use of financial accounting reports. During the course, students get to construct a financial planning model for a listed company, where knowledge in financial accounting, financial analysis, and corporate valuation is practically applied.

The second course, “Corporate Reporting and Control” (632 Corporate Reporting and Control ), takes an internal perspective of the firm and discusses and analyses management control systems. The course covers issues like corporate governance, the organization's internal structure in the form of responsibility centers, transfer pricing, strategic planning, economic value added, performance management and the balanced scorecard.  These issues are important since management control failures can lead to large financial losses, reputation damage and possibly even to organizational failure.

During the spring semester of the specialization (6th semester of the Bachelor Program) we offer one elective course: “Accounting Problems in Equity Valuation” (738 Accounting Problems in Equity Valuation) which aims at giving students a good understanding of the equity market, familiarity with some of the methods commonly used for company valuation and understanding in how financial accounting information is used in that context.

During the spring semester, students are also required to write their Bachelor Thesis within the Thesis Course (639 BSc Theses within Accounting and Financial Management). The seminars cover issues such as the process of thesis writing, how to choose a topic and what methods that are available for analysis. When writing the thesis, students practice how to use theory and empirical methods to analyze a research problem within the field of accounting and financial management.

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