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Awarded in vinnova's innovate passion competition

Center for Sports and Business has been awarded by Vinnova. On March 8, The Center organized an innovation event for young girls with a passion for horse sports. The innovation event represented the Stockholm region's contribution in Vinnova's Innovate Passion competition.

During the innovation day, the girls created an entrepreneurship staircase, which illustrates steps for how to develop entrepreneurship within the Swedish horse sports industry. We are extremely happy to receive the award and look forward to keep on working with more events and support functions in the near future.

Vinnova's motivation reads as follows:
The Entrepreneurship Staircase is a simple, clear and inspiring staircase that will be used to utilize new innovations for young girls. It illustrates and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities in the horse sports industry. The model can be used in many other areas linked to passion and innovation.

Read more about the Innovate Passion competition here:
In 13 places in Sweden in 2017, young women have gathered to develop new technology areas and professions based on their interests and passions. On November 14, the best ideas from the regional competitions gathers in the final of Innovate Passion, Vinnova's initiative to increase girls' innovative power.

The ideas have been developed together with researchers, business developers, entrepreneurs and other experts in engineering, science and digitalization. Instead of attracting young women to existing technical education, Innovate Passion turns to the young girls interests and passions. 13 Innovate Passion events have been arranged in 2017. The events have focused on the fashion and textile industry, film, performing arts, dance, home decor, horse sports, health, lifestyle, beauty and blogs. During the events, participants have developed new engineering areas or professions that can be further developed, for example, in the framework of existing or new education concepts and professions.

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