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Retail Store Concepts at Swedish Match

Swedish Match Retail Club had a workshop about Swedish Match’s stores and how to integrate the tobacco free alternative "ZYN" into the different store concepts.

The afternoon at Swedish Match’s office began with a presentation about Swedish Match’s
different retail stores and their concepts, held by Eleni Tjernberg, Retail Operations
Manager, and Christoffer Tjernberg, Sales Planner at Swedish Match. The goal of the
Swedish Match’s stores is to serve as gathering places for the consumers; where they can
hang out with each other, have a coffee, talk to the snus-experts that are working there and
try out and buy products.

After the introduction and presentation it was time to start working on the four cases. The
students were given one store per group (Åre, Lund, Avenyn and Stureplan), and were then
tasked to come up with suggestions on how to integrate the ZYN products into each store.
ZYN is Swedish Match’s nicotine pouches and tobacco free alternative, and since the
product is relatively new in the company’s product portfolio and stores, there were a lot of
room for creativity and new ideas in the solutions. All of the groups also got the chance to
FaceTime with each store manager, to be able to get more specific information about the
stores and the customers.

Since the stores included in the cases all have different concepts, and also different types of
target groups and customers, the solutions suggested from the groups differed a lot. The
group with the store in Lund suggested, among other things, to attract and engage students
through different games and competitions related to ZYN, as a way of integrating the
products in the store. Other solutions brought up were to install a separate walk-in fridge for
the ZYN products, and to implement a station in the stores where customers can
blend their own ZYN flavour.

Wilma Augustsson, Key Account Manager, Swedish Match’s Retail Club

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