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H&M Expansion Workshop

H&M’s Retail Club last activity for the year was a workshop focusing on the expansion of two brands within H&M’s portfolio. The workshop took place via Teams.

For this session, Beatrice Palmgren, Expansion Controller and Mia Martinovic, working in the leasing team at the Expansion Department at H&M Sweden gave us a brief presentation on the retailer’s expansion strategy and its brand portfolio.

Afterwards, the students were introduced to a case in which they had to evaluate the possibilities of opening a Weekday and /or a Monki store in the city of Uppsala. Some points to consider was whether the physical presence of either brands aligned with the group’s expansion goals. The students also evaluated factors such as the store’s location, accessibility, visibility, its size, configuration, existing competitors and the profitability of the decision.

The students presented their analysis and received feedback from Beatrice and Martina. Some comments focused on how the store could drive online sales, the effects of placing the store on a less transited street and whether the chosen location and brand was in line with the customer behaviors of that particular city. 

Overall, the workshop proved to be a very good learning opportunity where the students got to experience some of the decisions the Expansion team at H&M has to deal with in its everyday work. 

Paula Vega Tagle, Key Account Manager, H&M’s Retail Club

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