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Workshop with the The Swedish Trade Federation’s Retail Club

The Swedish Trade Federation’s Retail Club had a workshop with HUI about what the future malls in Sweden will look like.

Emma Hernell, Vice CEO of HUI, held a presentation about HUI and explained their business. Emma Åkerling, Junior Consultant, then held a presentation how the digital transformation is affecting the malls in Sweden and how they are approaching a tipping point when they will start losing traffic and visitors and sales. The students had to come up with ideas how the malls should evolve and what they will look like in the future. The case had to be solved with the new approach called “design thinking” which the students really liked. The solutions which the students presented were to focus on the experiences, trying to include different kinds of services and for the malls to keep on changing with new stores and concepts.


Vendela Johanson KAM of the Swedish Trade Federation

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