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Workshop at Systembolaget: Store concept and daily operations

Systembolaget’s Retail Club had a workshop regarding the company’s stores and daily operations.

Jonas Wretman, Operations Developer and Anna Bladström, Offer Developer & Concept Manager at Systembolaget, held a tour of their store “Sergel”. Jonas walked the students through the daily operations, explaining the important aspects as well as the challenges of their supply chain. Anna spoke about the new and update concept within the stores, describing the thought process behind every little detail. How to lower the merchandise volume impression, how to create interruptions in the shelves and how to increase information flow to the customers are some examples of details that were explained.

Afterwards, the students received a case regarding Systembolagets current challenges of finding stores with sufficient capacity in larger cities.

Managing customer expectations by creating different store concepts to be able to narrow the assortment, standardizing the storage room to maximize the area and communicating the varying levels of shopper intensity during opening hours to smooth out the customer flow were some of the recommendations.


/Jesper Lundegårdh, Key Account Manager, Systembolaget’s Retail Club

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