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Workshop with ICA and ICA Gott Liv

ICA’s Retail Club had a workshop about the importance of eating healthy food and how they could work with the assortment of their private label “ICA Gott Liv”.

ICA’s Retail Club visited ICA’s new head office in Solna. Paula Frösell and Maria Andersson, held a presentation about how important it is to eat healthier food and that 50 % of the population is overweight. Today ICA have their private label “ICA Gott Liv” that focus on healthy food. ICA wanted the students to present how they think ICA should work with their healthy assortment and if they might have to reposition “ICA Gott Liv”. Some of the suggestions presented by the students was to work with education within health. The students also presented the solution to have good recipes in the ICA’s magazine “Buffé” to encourage to eat healthier. Some of the groups also talked about that it is important to exposure these products in the store. One group had an idea that ICA could put a QR-code on the back of the milk package and that the kids, with help of this code, could play games where they learned about healthy food. Another group said that “ICA Gott Liv” need to reposition to “ICA <3” to have the connection to Apotek Hjärtat and a healthy life style. In the advertising ICA can even work with ICA Stig to show these type of products in an attractive way.


Matilda Forsén, Key Account Manager, ICA’s Retail Club.

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