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Digital Marketing Workshop with Swedish Match

Swedish Match’s retail club held a workshop about digital marketing for ZYN.

Before the workshop began, Maja Dahlberg (Digital Marketing Manager) and Paola Flores Midence (Brand Communication Manager), gave a presentation about ZYN, which is their nicotine pouches and tobacco free alternative. The presentation highlighted the ZYN concept, what the product is meant to be associated with, and what their core target groups are. The students were then tasked to design a digital marketing campaign for the product, based on the insights that were presented. 

A key fundamental for most suggestions was how ZYN was considered to be a product that works in many situations, due to its cleaner approach. One of the suggestions was that you follow different individuals throughout the day, in different situations, and how ZYN is always a suitable product to use. Another suggestion was that how the advertisement could pose a question, or situation, where ZYN is used is the answer for it, again highlighting how it can be used wherever and whenever. Other suggestions included, but were not limited to, placing ZYN in a context of more special occasions and using influencer marketing to create immersive content.


Tobias Holmström, Key Account Manager, Swedish Match Retail Club

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