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Robotics & AI at Accenture

Accenture’s Retail Club had a workshop about “Improve in-store customer experience with big data”.

Johan Meinhardt, Manager at Accenture, first held a presentation about Robotics & AI. Oscar Rosander, Digital Marketing Consultant at Accenture Interactive then asked the students to answer four questions about AI, by writing post-it notes. The idea was that the students should think by themselves without interacting with other students. Part two of the workshop was the assignment to come up an innovative way of using big data analytics to improve in-store customer experience. Students were divided into four groups and used the “Round Robin” framework, where the students first created a concept and then passed it onto the next group, which had to criticize the idea. The next group passed it onto the following group, which had to come up with a solution and improvements based on the critique. Some of the suggestions presented by the students were: easier way to collect groceries by having sensors in chiller, in-store sensors which would be able to determine the customers facial expression and mood, individualized shopping experience by operating on distinct geographical market segments and offering navigation in complex high variety, high assortment superstores such as ICA MAXI or IKEA.

Alexandra Pavlov, Key Account Manager, Accenture’s Retail Club

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