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Introduction to Swedish Match

Swedish Match’s retail club began this year’s activities with an introduction to the company, in their store on Kungsgatan.

Christine Ungfeldt, HR associate at Swedish Match, as well as company representative for the Retail Club, started the activity with a presentation about the company. She spoke generally about their business model, explaining what type of products they sell and what their vision is.

The students then met store manager Daniel Lindblom, who showed them around with a guided tour. Lindblom displayed the different areas and highlighted what you can do in the store, while also describing what its purpose is, and how they operate.

Lastly, Elaine Edholm, manager of Heritage Affairs at Swedish Match, gave a presentation about the company’s history. She told the story of how, and from where, the company has developed, as well as portraying the history of snus.

Tobias Holmström, Key Account Manager, Swedish Match’s Retail Club

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