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Popular CSR book now also available for people with reading disabilities

After being requested by people with reading disabilities who can not read printed text, the book "CSR and sustainable business" is now available as a special audio book in Swedish. It is a book that is read under special copyright exemption rules to make it easier for people with reading disabilities. It’s a further development of books in tactile alphabet or braille and are produced and provided on similar terms.

The CSR book has already been revised and printed in three editions in Swedish and two in English and is also available as a regular audio book. The original Swedish edition published in 2012 has been used extensively in leading universities and management training courses in both Sweden and Finland for years.

"CSR and sustainable business" introduce many perspectives on corporate social responsibility and sustainable business, as well as how the different perspectives are connected. The discussion is based on real examples and cases. The development within CSR has been moving quickly, both in politics and in business. Phenomena, like social entrepreneurism, sustainable business strategies and new financial models relating to sustainability, have grown stronger. The book gives an overview of the most important concepts and theories, as well as offering a depth of historical perspectives and connections to business ethics. Theoretical aspects are combined with examples from a large number of companies and organizations.

Editors of the book are Susanne Sweet, research director at Center for Sustainability Research (CSR),  Tommy Borglund associated researcher at the center, and the late Hans de Geer, former professor at SSE. Several of the contributing authors are also members of the CSR team and associated to SSE, (Lin Lerpold and Emma Sjöström) among others.