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New report on informal network - now available online with Infographics

Organisations that utilize extensive informal networks, powered by the peer-to-peer structures of the Internet, enjoy the added benefit of increased innovation and better access to knowledge and collaborators.

The new report Plug in Your Network – A Review of the Role Of Informal Networks For Knowledge Sharing And Innovation is the second report from the three-year research project The Internet and its Direct and Indirect Effects on Innovation and the Swedish Economy under the leadership of Professor Robin Teigland.

The research project examines the role of networks in entrepreneurship, knowledge sharing and support between individuals. The report provides insight into the relationships between informal networks and company performance.

Some of the key findings from the report include the following:

  • A high level of valuable knowledge flows within companies’ ecosystems, even among competitors, due to informal networking opportunities.

  • A strong influential factor on the development and prevalence of informal networks is the Internet with its fundamental peer-to-peer structure by significantly increasing the opportunities for all sorts of horizontal communication and the kind of transboundary contacts, even between employees in competing firms.

  • There are also good indications that well developed informal networks can be a significant competitive advantage, both for firms and regions

Find the report here:


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