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New report - "The Nordics: Partners in Innovation?"

Yesterday Örjan Sölvell (CSC, SSE) and Torger Reve (BI Norwegian Business School), presented a new report about Nordic innovation, growth, and the connections between Swedish and Norwegian clusters at the conference “The Nordics: Partners in Innovation?” held at Stockholm School of Economics.

This study takes account of the industrial challenges facing both Norway and Sweden and is intended to help design an industrial map of Norway and Sweden combined to highlight the scope of opportunities for corporation. Nordic economies are in rapid transformation, requiring innovation and entrepreneurship at a much higher speed than before.

This report makes a set of policy recommendations in order to build this innovation partnership involving research establishments and businesses in a broad alliance:

  1. Building a common industrial knowledge base
  2. Upgrading and globalizing existing cluster industries
  3. Transforming and greening existing cluster industries
  4. Creating new innovative knowledge industries with a Nordic base

Read & download the report "The Nordics: Partners in Innovation?" here.

Authors: Professor Torger Reve - BI Norwegian Business School and Professor Örjan Sölvell – CSC, Stockholm School of Economics. They have been assisted by: Marius K. Nordkvelde, Sergiy Protsiv (CSC), Amir Sasson and Albin Skog (CSC).  Publisher: Innovative Nordics. 

Örjan Sölvell speaking at the conference “The Nordics: Partners in Innovation?” (Photo: Göran Lindqvist)

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