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Book launch on 17 Feb: Professor Sölvell presents “On Strategy and Competitiveness”

Today, Örjan Sölvell presented his new book “On Strategy and Competitiveness - The Cookbook” at a breakfast seminar at United Spaces, Stockholm. 

About the book:

Learn to analyze a complex world: why did Nokia crash in the mobile segment? Why does not Volvo trucks deliver the profitability that was promised? Why is it so hard to change strategy in our business? Why did Stockholm become a world-class cluster in the digital industries? These and other questions you will get help to analyze with Örjan Sölvells’ new "Cook book" including 10 recipes for strategy analysis. 


 Do you wrestle with issues like:

Why is it that firms often seem »stuck« on a certain strategy? Why are we stuck? What are the opportunities to shift our strategy?

How should I go about developing an entry strategy into a new industry or a new geographical market?

How can I grasp global competition? Is competition in our industry local, or multi-domestic or global? What can change that in the near future?

Why do firms with a global strategy succeed or fail the in the light of industry competition?

Why do firms based in certain business environments develop world leading products and services, while firms based in other business environments do not?

What is the role – if any – of local clusters in today’s global economy and global markets and value chains?

How can we improve the dynamics of our cluster? What is the value of engaging in improving our cluster? Who should be involved?

Why are not all industry agglomerations as dynamic as Silicon Valley­? What does it take to tap into a leading cluster?

How should we organize and specialize different subsidiary units in our global corporation?

How should we organize innovation and product development in our global firm? 

Read this cookbook. Use the Recipes and get inspiration and hands-on support!

The book can be ordered (Price: 200 SEK + (6 % VAT) + Postage) from SIR at The Stockholm School of Economics  

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