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New report on Stockholm FinTech

The new report by CSC researchers Robin Teigland and Claire Ingram shows that investments in Swedish Fintech companies increased sharply last year.

Stockholm is one of Europe's largest hubs for the financial technology sector according to the report "Stockholm FinTech -  An overview of the FinTech sector in the greater Stockholm Region' . 

"I believe that this sector is growing so fast because we have a strong history in FinTech, we have a lot of expertise in Sweden", says Robin Teigland, Associate Professor at SSE and one of the authors of the report, in an interview with the Swedish Radio. 

Listen to the interview from Dagens Eko 

Summary of the report: Stockholm – Europe’s No.2 FinTech city 

The full report: Stockholm FinTech - An overview of the FinTech sector  in the greater Stockholm Region.​ 

The report is written by:
Nicholas Wesley-James
Claire Ingram 
Carl Källstrand 
Robin Teigland



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