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Locked arms: looming threats to the Romania-NATO partnership

Mara Bălașa sheds light in Engelsberg Ideas on the complexities of the partnership between Romania and NATO, as well as the potential threats that could impact this alliance.

"The strategically important relationship between NATO and Romania has historically been positive — but now pressure from a number of factors, including the war in Ukraine, domestic crises, and the rise of a far right, are putting the alliance under increased strain."

Read the full article on Engelsberg Ideas.

Bălașa finalized her MSc in Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics in 2022, specializing in Applied Economic Analysis. She completed the Data Analytics Track and her thesis examined the environmental Kuznets curve for CO2 emissions in Romania between 1968 and 2018. Bălașa's PhD project examines the nexus between economic statecraft, free trade agreements and the environment, with a focus on European Union Member States.

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