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Söndergaard, Martin


My main research interest is to understand how marketing and strategy can be used to make CSR initiatives both profitable and valuable to society.

I hold a BSc in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics, as well as a BSc in Psychology at Stockholm University and am currently doing my PhD at the department of Marketing and Strategy at Stockholm School of Economics. I teach marketing and strategy at Stockholm School of Economics and at the Royal Institute of Technology as well as hold lectures and workshops in the private sector.



Åbonde Garke, A., Söndergaard, M., & Modig, E. Always-On Eye Tracking Reveals Problems with Financing News Websites Through Advertising (October 25, 2021). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3949327

Modig, E., & Söndergaard, M. (2021). Bang for the Buck, (second edition, English version). Rheologica Publishing. Researcher for the prior Swedish version, awarded “Best marketing book of the year” by the Swedish Marketing Federation.

Columnist at Resumé, the leading marketing trade publication in the Nordics. Sharing insights every month from academia on how to best communicate corporate responsibility initiatives. Jan 2020 - Juni 2021

Modig, E., & Söndergaard, M. (2020). Marketing forever changed. In M. Carlsson-Wall (Ed.) Sweden through the crisis (pp 185-193). Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm School of Economics.

Modig, E., & Söndergaard, M. (2018). Managing digital media investments. In P. Andersson (Ed.) Managing digital transformation (pp 133-155). Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research (SIR)

Modig, E., & Söndergaard, M. (2018). Informationsvägar för påverkan på ungas solskyddande beteende (Communication channels for changing young adults’ sunbathing behavior). In V. Höiom (Ed.) Rapport från SSM:s vetenskapliga råd om ultraviolett strålning 2017 (Report from SRSA:s research council about ultraviolet radiation 2017) (pp 22-32). Stockholm, Sweden: Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM)

Modig, E., & Söndergaard, M. (2017). Effekter av att flyga under radarn Hur mycket påverkas unga av produktplacering? (The effects of flying under the radar – How much are young people affected by product placement?). In U. Dalquist (Ed.) Marknadsmässig kurragömmalek? Barn, unga och dold reklam (Hide-and-seek within marketing: children, adolescents and candid advertisement by the Swedish Media Council(pp 53-59). Stockholm, Sweden: Statens medieråd

Modig, E., & Söndergaard, M. (2019). Market Insight: What’s in a click? In P. Baines, C. Fill, S. Rosengren, P. Antonetti, (Eds.) Marketing (fifth edition) (pp 470-471). Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press


Working papers and projects

”The impact of firms’ claims about environmental friendliness on stakeholders’ beliefs” with Magnus Söderlund – Submitted

“Eye-tracking – Seeing the demise of ad-funded newspapers online” with Adam Åbonde and Erik Modig – Submitted

“When machines watch us: An examination of humans’ reactions to A.I. detecting non-sustainable behavior” with Magnus Söderlund – Late-stage, shortening and clarifying article

”Effective Mobile Display Advertising: The impact of product involvement and creativity” with Erik Modig and Erik Schuss – Late-stage, restructuring introduction and theory, adding additional analysis

”Native advertising for online news, a selling ad or an emotional experience?” with Erik Modig - Data collection and analysis done, writing it out

“Getting young adults to avoid sun exposure – Influencers and social media” with Jonas Colliander and Erik Modig – Conducting follow-up experiment

“The effect of communicating companies’ shared value efforts and results on stakeholders’ sustainable behaviour”, single-authored – Conducting follow-up experiments