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Walk for Change

There is a global health crisis of inactivity. Through the urbanization and technical revolution, our societies have departed from our biology leaving us unhealthy – and it’s urgent.

Targeted in SDG 3.4, non-communicable diseases are the world’s leading killers, representing 63% of global deaths annually. Concurrently, according to the latest World Giving Index report people are become more generous. By combining the identified macro trends of inactivity and the rise of altruism through the concept of an increasingly systematic society – we managed to create a positive sum value chain.

Walk for Change is a platform where individuals and companies in synergy contribute to make a difference. The idea is simple, the company sets a ceiling of an amount that they are willing to donate to charity. Their employees then download the app and start walking. The steps become points that are converted into money that the company donates – giving the employees a strong incentive to increase their daily activity. We seize a win-win-win situation powered by the companies who benefit both from a healthy workforce and stronger workplace culture, while taking corporate social responsibility and contributing to a better world.

Walk for Change contributes to the SDGs in three ways – by increasing the health of people around the world (SDG 3), by increasing the global partnership of sustainable development (SDG 17), and through the donations to charities contributing to the SDG of your choice targeting a great number of SDGs.

If you are not ready to walk for your own health, would you walk for a better world? 

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