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Tragedy of the Tribes

The project ”Tragedy of the Tribes” is a complete classroom experience made for teachers which include a mobile game and other resources for teachers, such as presentation slides and discussion material, to explain the concept of the “Tragedy of the commons” and the importance sustainable consumption.

We hope that our gamification can teach abstract concepts in a fun and educating way. The game session begins with a presentation we have made for teachers to explain the rules of the game and the background concepts. Afterwards the classes can be divided into smaller groups, where each group represents a tribe in the game. The groups/tribes will then fight against each other in a turn based game for the limited resources on their island, and everyone will be informed of the points of the other groups. At each turn the groups will be able to choose whether they want to exploit resources - or try to restore the environment. If the groups fiercely compete with each other they should after a certain amount of time exploit the island so that it will no longer be able to sustain the growing tribes, which leads to an ecological catastrophe and everyone will lose. The only way to win is therefore to cooperate with others!

As this project helps to teach students about abstract concepts around sustainable consumption, we hope to work towards Goal 12 and 11. Through gamification of education we also hope to reach Goal 4

href="https://vimeo.com/418008864">04.1 from Stagemedia on Vimeo.

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