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Thinc Project

In the SDG Progress Report of 2019, it was reported that production and consumption across the world is increasing at an alarming rate, seriously jeopardizing the achievement of SDG 12: ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

This is partly because of established societal norms that encourage consumers to constantly buy more, but also because of growing middle classes in emerging economies. It is more urgent than ever to take action in the achievement of SDG 12, and as industries show little interest in contributing, consumers have an enormous responsibility in tackling the problem.

By raising awareness about excessive consumption and the harm that it does to the planet and people, Thinc Project aims to change consumer mindsets. We believe that a reduction in consumption is not a trade-off between the welfare of society and the well-being of an individual; quite the opposite, research shows that a more minimalist lifestyle actually can make us happier.

Through our website, www.thincproject.wixsite.com/thincproject, and our instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/thincproject/, we encourage consumers to reflect upon their level of consumption. We also suggest steps that any consumer can take to start live a more minimalist life, and share insightful research on the topic. By overlooking our consumption patterns and using our leverage as consumers to put pressure on industries, we believe that the collective action of individuals will have a strong impact on the achievement of SDG 12.

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