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The Tutoring Club

1 in 3 students in underprivileged areas lacks gymnasiebehörighet, the grades necessary to apply for high school. According to Skolverket 90% of students born in Sweden have gymnasiebehörighet, while only 65% of immigrants do.

There is a large gap in the Swedish school system, a gap affecting students’ future opportunities in life. Without gymnasiebehörighet, students can’t attend High School nor higher education. In turn, this reduces their possible annual income. Furthermore, people without a High School diploma are the ones worst affected by unemployment.

Inspired by this pressing issue we created The Tutoring Club, a project aiming to reduce inequalities and provide quality education. We have tutored 10 students at Hjulstaskolan, where only 55% reached gymnasiebehörighet last year. Based on research and our experience from tutoring, we have then developed a situational based tutoring framework on how to perform effective tutoring in a holding environment. To help more affected students and have a broader impact, we are now going to spread the framework through a website were we coach tutors and then pair them with students in need of help.

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