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The screen time era

Evolution is slow... ​but our digital behavior transforms fast. As we spend more and more hours in front of our screens, activities crucial for our well-being are often neglected.

Internet, computers, smartphones have only existed in the blink of an eye in our evolutionary journey and it comes at the cost of our well being when we spend less time physically active. We want to raise awareness about how much time we spend in front of our screens and how it affects us, in the hope of helping people to become aware of, and change, their behavior.

The initial purpose of the project was to reduce screen time in order to contribute to the sustainable development goal number three, that targets good health and well-being. With the outbreak of Covid-19,we had to change our plan. The realization that screens became our only tool for communication challenged our project and we needed to look at the project from a different perspective. The intended information campaign had to change its format, which is why we started an Instagram account, @screentimeera.We made a collaboration with Scriin that focuses on the balance of screen time and physical activity, and not screen time alone.

Our current way of attracting people to the project has shown that there indeed is a large issue to address within screen time. Many people are both getting aware and concerned of their screen time which means that there is potential to truly make an impact in this matter.

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