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Sustainable Sunday

All over the world,the media is currently putting their undivided energy into reporting about one thing only – the new coronavirus spreading rapidly across, and within, nations.

Nonetheless, there is much more happening in the shadows of our fears of getting infected. The economy, climate, innovations, infrastructures, and society altogether; subjects that are all heavily affected by the virus but not monitored as closely as the pandemic itself.

Subsequently, since the media may not cover all necessary aspects of the significant issue, we recognized the need for a solution to this problem. The Sustainable Development Goals are adopted by all members of the United Nations and are necessary for both people and the planet, now andalways. These goals are all in some way, directly or indirectly, affected by the ongoing pandemic and associated regulationssome goals flourish due to the lockdowns and drastically decreased traveling and production, while the development of others, such as global health and universal economic growth, is affected negatively.

By creating and publishing compelling posts in the shape ofarticles, videos, and images on our website (https://sustainablesunday.se) every Sunday, we aim to provide the Swedish society with the bigger picture of what is going on in the world, including aspects that might be rejected by traditional and/or national media. Possibly, and hopefully, we can learn from the ongoing events, help spread awareness and make an impact on the future world.

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