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Sustainable Loyalty Program

Our planet is currently facing environmental concerns. Today, there are 17 sustainable development goals, to address these problems. We chose to particularly focus on goal 8 (decent work and economic growth) & goal 12 (responsible consumption and production).

To understand these SDGs and how to tackle them, we conducted interviews with acknowledged professors within economics, environmental issues, and human behaviour. We also created a survey, to analyze the theoretical hypothesis in practice.

The key findings from our research and fieldwork were that it is possible to promote the growth of sustainable shopping and change consumption patterns. This is why we created a sustainable loyalty program for grocery stores. Products are ranked based on their total carbon emissions, and by buying sustainable products, you will be rewarded with bonus points. These bonus points will enable you to compete with friends and other shoppers, as well as giving you a discount on sustainable products. To create a feeling of solidarity and to make customers' impact more concrete, we also suggest a “you change - we give” feature to be included in the program.

Our research implies that implementing this sustainable loyalty program will increase the brand image for grocery stores. It will also be a great opportunity for these stores to have an impact on solving the sustainable development goals. Also, stores will gain more data on customer behaviour in an immature area of research.

Time to reward sustainable shopping!

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