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Student Impact Organisation

There is an issue with partnership across the globe in regards to how we shouldsolve the global challenges and achieve the global SDGs, represented by SDG17. This goal is essential throughout all other goals. As such, cooperation is vitalto achieving progress to solve the other goals.

Our ambition is to take the first step in making cross-academic and cross-sectorial cooperation a natural part of how we deal with societal issues. We want to encourage an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge among students and policymakers.

Student Impact Organisation host various seminars to gather the participating students’ perspectives. Each seminar focuses on a specific topic within one of the global SDGs, and students are invited to present their perspectives via discussions and presentations. In each seminar, we invite one or several partners that works with the subject of discussion.

A pilot project, to test the concept, was carried through with the help of our first partner, Komet, the Committee for Technological innovation and Ethics, established by the Swedish government in 2018. Together, we decided on the topic “Surveillance & Integrity in Times of Crisis.” Komet believed it would be valuable to get students’ opinions on this matter to highlight different perspectives. The seminar was a resounding success, the discussions were engaging, and all participants gave it a high rating and would recommend others to participate. Komet was very pleased with the report from the seminar and will conduct an interview and feature our project on their website soon.

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