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Student Blood Inititative

What does BLOOD mean to us? B:e aware. L:earn the facts. O:ffer to help. O:vercome the fear. D:onate.

Blood is a scarce resource despite its vital role in saving lives. In Sweden alone, one bag of blood is needed every minute, every year, all year around. Yet only 3 out of 100 swedes donated blood last year.

Student Blood Initiative has been a digital prototype project to raise awareness, interest and participation in the virtuous and vital act of blood donation. The purpose of the project has been to build a campaign outline, based on data and research, for how to make impact. Our proposed two-week campaign is split into two parts: Awareness-week and Action-week, whereas the first is targeting the interest and memory of the recipient, and the latter is aimed at converting this into behavior. The impact is maximized by having both a physical campaign and an online one. Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, only parts of the campaign has been executed. Therefore, the campaign has been altered in some ways to take the new conditions into consideration, such as making the social media platforms more interactive. Our strong theoretical background provides a basis to carry our project forward and learn more about how to realize the impact. We are certain that that our work has and will contribute to all of us saving lives together.

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