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#SKIPPAFIKAN is a project with the goal of reducing poverty by increasing the amount of microloans. A microloan is a small loan, usually crowdfunded by several people.

People taking microloans often aren’t approved to get a loan from a regular bank. Getting a microloan can enable the purchase of a cow or expansion of a small store, improving the living situation for people in poverty. The research conducted in the initial phase of the project showed that the main reasons why people don’t give micro loans is that they don’t know that they exist or that they don’t have enough knowledge about them. 
Our solution to this problem is #SKIPPAFIKAN. Using social media and our website www.skippafikan.se we spread awareness and educate about microloans. On the website you can find information about what a microloan is and why they are good, there are also answers to the most common questions regarding microloans such as what are the risks and can you earn money? Via our website you can make an impact by giving out a microloan. To get people to visit our website and to increase awareness and knowledge about microloans we have throughout the project been posting on Facebook and Instagram about for instance successful microloan stories. 
To read more about our project and the impact we have made so far you can visit our website www.skippafikan.se or our social media channels @skippafikan on both Facebook and Instagram. 

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