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Sex education is not good enough. How do we know? ​We have experienced it ourselves and today we work with youths that are still experiencing it.

Moreover, the problem has been acknowledged by the Swedish government through Skolverket and there is currently a proposition to adjust the education accordingly. According to the Swedish Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten), only 19% of students agree that the school's sex and coexistence education has given them the knowledge they need. Additionally, only 25% of schools state that they have set up clear goals for how they undertake sexual education.

We chose to encounter the named problems with Sexkörkortet. Sexkörkortet is aimed to improve SDGs 3, 4 & 5 through better sex education.Sexkörkortet can be obtained by completing an online multiple-choice questionnaire. The test is directed to students in 7th to 9th grade and concerns questions on sex, sexual health and consent. It is distributed on Sexkörkortet.se, which is an easily accessible holistic platform that also includes discussion material, and links to where youths can learn more or talk to an adult about their concerns. 

Sexkörkortet will make an impact on society through the powerful tool Knowledge. Knowledge on sex, sexual health and consent will make youths more comfortable witht heir bodies and sexual experiences, which is important in the work to prevent sexual harassment and abuse. Since women make out a vulnerable group in the crime statistics, this will also improve gender equality. Ultimately, Sexkörkortet works toward a better and safer society.

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