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Re-think Re-use

Our planet is suffering in multiple ways. One of the major problems is the usage of disposable plastic. We use nearly five trillion plastic bags annually worldwide, billions of which end up in the nature andoceans as litter

Animals are dying and ecosystems are collapsing as a result of the long and toxic degradation process. With the mindset that small changes can accumulate to something bigger we decided that we have to start with ourselves and acts of change in our everyday life.

The problem is widespread, but we have to start somewhere. Therefore we have designed reusable plastic bags that are environmentally and economically friendly. The idea of a reusable bag is not new, but few people have successfully integrated it into their lives and making it a habit to bring along. Our ambition is to enforce a change of mindset and behavior of the average SSE student. To accomplish this our bags have a discreet color with a motive of the school to make it personalized. As a result students will want to use it. Following 1st of May the price of disposable plastic bags are 7SEK which will create an even larger incentive for students to implement the reusable bags into their lives.

Having partnered up with Boston Consulting Group we will be able to hand out 500 bags to students at SSE for free. These 500 bags alone will save 75,000 disposable plastic bags in one year. The ambition is to create a domino-effect and establish a new mindset of a more sustainable lifestyle amongst young people and society as a whole. ‚ÄčThis is just a start.

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