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Project Bring Blood

Everyday the healthcare in Stockholm uses 100 litres of blood to save lives of people who have been through experiences such as life threatening accidents, child births and cancer.

Being an everyday hero by donating less than 10% of our valuable blood is easy, but still only 3% of the population in Stockholm are blood donors. Project Bring Blood aims to bring attention to and create awareness about the great lack of blood donors in Stockholm.

We want to highlight the simplicity of the blood donation process, and enlight the fact that it’s not as frightening as some might think. Therefore, with the valuable guidance from Blodcentralen, we have focused on creating graphical content aimed to spread knowledge and motivate people to become blood donors. For instance, we have published two videos; one longer, more descriptive and instructional about the process of actually giving blood, and one shorter, more informative video with punchlines highlighting the importance of blood donation. Our indirect purpose is thus that we aim to be a contributing factor to the increase in number of registered blood donors in Stockholm. In order to reach a bigger audience, several platforms have been used. All our content, including the videos, has been published on Project Bring Blood’s website, Facebook-page and Instagram-account. Please click the links, and check them out!

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