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Project Access

Higher education is less accessible for students in socioeconomically challenged areas. We discussed the problem with Grassroot organizations, Schools, Parents, and Students in socioeconomically challenged areas in Stockholm, to get a better picture of the problem.

After fruitful discussions, we realized the complexity of the problem with many underlying reasons. However, we distinguished one problem where we could create real impact within the Global Challenges Project.

Often there is an information asymmetry. Universities struggle with efficiently reaching out with information about the options, opportunities, and benefits of higher education, to the target group. A lack of awareness making students less inspired to pursue higher education and making it difficult for parents to guide their children towards higher education. So, how did we tackle the problem?

We designed a set of Guidelines for how universities can efficiently make information about higher education more accessible. The guidelines cover the topics: Inclusion, Simplification, Translation, and Distribution. All constructed to assist universities in efficiently reaching out to the target group by creating accessible marketing content

We also put our Guidelines into practice. In collaboration with SSE’s Communication Department, we created accessible SSE-marketing brochures, translated into Arabic, Somali, and Tigrinya. All to be printed and distributed following the principles of the Guidelines. The content is made to be used in SSE’s marketing for years ahead.

The Guidelines along with SSE’s implementation are distributed to other Swedish universities as a call for them to implement a similar initiative. Maximizing the project’s impact, and reducing inequality, together.

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